Sunday, December 11, 2016

The Downeast Woods

A big draw to moving to our area was the trail running opportunities. Kate and I are both ultrarunners, and being able to access amazing mountains and forests from our doorstep, most of the time without seeing a soul, was a great selling point.

Acadia National Park is just 45 minutes away, but since we've moved, I've only gone down there to run once. That park is amazing, obviously, but the beauty of the woods and mountains around our home gives it a run for its money. We aren't right on the coast like ANP is, but we also don't have hordes of tourists. Just moose, deer and bears. Still, it's nice knowing that ANP is there.

Below are a smattering of pictures from trail adventures that are within running distance from our home:

Road running; backwoods style.

A tiny brook trout. Trail running is great for fly fishing recon. 

I'll confess that this is not a running picture. I took it near the post office three miles down the road, but I couldn't resist including it. 

Bluff lookout. 

Chick Hill in the distance 

More views from the top. 

Early signs of autumn in late summer. 

Scrub forest.

Autumn on a backwoods pond. It has brook trout and can is just four miles from our house. 

Public canoe. 

More early autumn. 

Leaves about at their peak. 

The mountains of Acadia National Park in the distance. 

Old Man Winter knocking on the door in late Autumn. 

One has to bushwhack to reach this peak. 
Yep. We love it here. We worked hard to make it happen and don't take it for granted. Happy trails!

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